3rd FANFAR Workshop in Abuja (Nigeria)

On 10-14 February 2020, the 3rd FANFAR Workshop took place in Abuja (Nigeria).

FANFAR is an European Commission (EC) Horizon 2020 project that is focused on operational flood forecasting and alerts in West Africa.

The Hydrology TEP was used in some sessions of this workshop for flood forecasting services including satellite-based water level applications. Aytor Naranjo (isardSAT), Mélissande Machefer (isardSAT), Jafet Andersson (SMHI) and Emmanuel Mathot (Terradue), among other members from European and African institutions took part in this event and presented how the Hydrology TEP could be useful for participants.

Previous to this event, the Hydrology TEP was already used in other FANFAR workshops such as the 1st FANFAR Flood Forecasting and Alerts Workshop in Niamey (Niger) on September 2018 and the 2nd FANFAR Co-design and training workshop in Accra (Ghana) on April 2019.