Flood Monitoring

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The Flood Monitoring service allows the detection and the analysis of large extent floods.

This thematic app provides:

  • The historical analysis of large floods events at medium resolution. The results that users can obtain have been refined with data from Sentinel-1 GRD and from the MODIS archive.

  • It is also possible to monitor floods and display a detailed mapping of the affected areas at high resolution. Results have been refined with data from Sentinel-1 and optical imagery.

  • The assessment of the water extent and floods evolution over time can be done by using basic statistics such as flood and water frequency maps, maximum floodable area and time series. Advanced temporal statistics can also be analysed by means of trends.

The Flood Monitoring service is currently available for 2 regions:

  • Niger River
  • Red River

In order to get started with the Flood Monitoring service, you can read the documentation and the service pricing.

Service specifications

Outputs for Sentinel 1 SAR images Ground Range Detected (GRD)

  • Water masks
  • Reference mask
  • Water frequency maps
  • Flood maps
  • Flood frequency map
  • Maximum floodable area

Outputs for Sentinel 2 Optical images

  • Water masks results refinement

Outputs for ENVISAT ASAR

  • Historical analysis of floods (2003-2012) at medium resolution

Outputs for MODIS archive

  • Results refinement of historical analysis of floods

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