Presentation of Hydrology TEP at Dragon 3 Final Results Symposium

On the 6th July 2016, the concept and opportunities to be offered by the Hydrology TEP were presented by Bernat Martínez (isardSAT) to a packed audience of 100 scientists attending the Hydrology and Cryosphere Workshop of the Dragon 3 Final Results Symposium. This event was held in Wuhan, China from the 4th until the 8th.

The Symposium ended the 3rd cycle of the Dragon Program and launched the 4th one. Dragon is a collaborative effort of ESA and the National Remote Sensing Centre of China (NRSCC).

Modeling cryospheric and hydrospheric processes across a wide range of spatial and temporal scales using a very diverse suite of ESA and Chinese satellite data is the focus of the Dragon Hydrospheric and Cryospheric Community. The presentation led a very interested audience to ask several questions, which were a clear indication of the potential relevance of the Hydrology TEP to the community.

More information about the event is available at: